Is Free Online Blackjack Bets Truly Worthwhile

“Are free online blackjack bets worthwhile?” This is a question that I get asked quite frequently. There is no doubt that playing an online casino can be an extremely exciting and rewarding experience, but it is important to keep one’s head “in the sand” whilst playing online. Before delving too deeply into the “benefits” of playing free online blackjack, I think it is worth knowing that there are some significant disadvantages as well.


Three main concerns you should know about before playing blackjack

Online Blackjack betsFirstly, when you play blackjack, there is no physical interaction with the person or people that you are playing against. This can be a draw for some players, as they believe that they can manipulate the system in some way. The reality is that while you cannot “force” someone to fold their bet, you also cannot “make” them bet it high. This is a very different experience to that of a live casino, where you can shake the person’s hand and make a suggestion as to what they might do next.

Secondly, there is a potential for people to run up a huge blackjack bonus “roll”, whereby they win a lot of money in just a short period. It is vitally important that anyone who wants to cash out on this bonus should do so carefully. Some players will run up the blackjack bonus roll as quickly as possible, getting themselves into an extremely powerful situation from which they can cash out. Other players, however, will wait and see what happens. In these situations, the players that wait will have to pay out more than the others, and this can mean that the game can become very dependent upon winning to be profitable.

In addition to this, there is also the problem of finding an online casino that has the right incentives to encourage people to play. While the larger, well-known online casinos may have enough ‘player equity’ to encourage people to play, smaller sites struggle to create this kind of ‘equity’. For example, smaller casino sites tend not to offer the same benefits as larger sites do, such as high-roller games, or the possibility of becoming a pro player. If you are seriously interested in playing online blackjack, you must ensure that you have found an online casino with the right incentives, to get yourself into a profitable position.

Thirdly, some people are simply not wired to play online blackjack. They struggle to get into a rhythm and may find online blackjack difficult due to the lack of human contacts, such as other players or the physical environment of the room. However, this is completely false, and many people can be completely happy and successful at playing online blackjack. The reason for this is that many people who can be successful at online blackjack often have previous experience with card games, and can be brought over by the sheer competitiveness of online blackjack.


The final point to answer the question ‘are online blackjack bets truly worthwhile?’

Online Blackjack

Is whether or not they are free online blackjack games. Many casinos offering blackjack online will offer these games for no cost, and it is possible to spend hours playing these games without spending any money. The problem arises when you consider that the free online blackjack websites do not usually offer a great variety of card games. Therefore, they are not as lucrative as real online casinos.

Online blackjack is a great game if you can find a site with a wide variety of card games, but many times you won’t. This means that there is only one way that you are going to win in blackjack online, and that is if you play the game. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the site you choose offers a large variety of games to choose from, and that you have the time and money to enjoy the game rather than wishing that you had money to play. Several people can lose money from online blackjack because they do not understand how to place their bets on the cards effectively.

Overall, online blackjack is a fun way to spend your free-time, and it can be very addictive when you understand how to play it properly. If you know what you are doing, you stand a good chance of making money through online blackjack. However, as with all gambling, you need to understand that you can lose money, and the amount lost depends upon how much you’ve been gambling online. If you do decide that you want to gamble online, understand that you will always be better off using real money. Free online blackjack is a fun way to get started, however, you need to remember that there are real casino games out there, and they are more than worth your time and effort to play them.

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